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About Me

Hello! For those who do not know me, I am Cody Chalifoux, and I am an aspiring sports broadcaster. Since I was young, I have had a passion for sports. I was playing three sports a year for most of my life. I also never stopped talking. So, why not make a career where I never stop talking about sports! Seems like a slam dunk (wow I am so sorry for that). 

I love everything about sports, the athletes, the coaching, the preparation, the huge plays and the little things that no one notices. I enjoy broadcasting more than anything. Being able to tell the stories of these athletes, coaches and teams means everything to me. I cannot wait to do it for the rest of my life.

 I am very light hearted, hard working, passionate. I work extremely well in a team setting and with a wide range of people, personalities, and attitudes. I am willing to go the extra mile, learn something new, and always looking for feedback and ways to improve. 

Much like in my playing days, I am looking to be the best. I will not stop until I am the best I possibly can be, and even then there are always new goals to attain. I want this more than anyone. And I will prove it to everyone. 

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